Kami no Kuni
Kami no Kuni
Title: Kami no Kuni (神の国)
Author: YOUN In-Wan & YANG Kyung-Il & KIM Eun-Hee
Original Run: August 27, 2014 – November 27, 2014
Published by: Gekkan! Spirits (Shogakukan)
Volumes: 4 Chapters
Genre: Action / Adventure / Drama / Historical / Seinen

Kami no Kuni (神の国, Kami no Kuni) is a Japanese manga series written by YOUN In-Wan & KIM Eun-Hee and illustrated by YANG Kyung-Il.


An odd duo between a prince presumed to be dead by the public and a mountain thief with exceptional fighting prowess and a mysterious disease travel together to reach the prince's home. The prince, named Imun, has promised the mountain thief Jeha a large sum of money as reward once they reach his homeland. Their travels together will be filled with challenges and death. Will they make it?


In 2015, the 4 chapters were released in a book called Burning Hell Kami no Kuni, combining Kami no Kuni with another short story by the same authors called Burning Hell.

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